• Our Services

    We have developed our own unique science-based consulting and training services drawing from our expertise in Positive Organizational Psychology that we customize based on an organization's specific needs to help them unleash the full potential of their people.

  • We Help Leaders, Managers, and Employees Use the Science of Positive Organizational Psychology

    to Unleash Outstanding Employee Performance.


    We help companies design and implement strategies and action plans to build an empowering company culture within their organization.

    Training & Speaking

    We inspire and equip leaders, managers, and employees with the science of Positive Organizational Psychology to unleash the full potential employees.

    Team Building

    We design fun and engaging vision-sharing and team-building experiences that inspire a sense of community and build connected and supportive teams.

    Executive Coaching

    We accompany leaders and managers on their journey to create empowering workplaces that bring out the best in their people.

  • Training & Speaking Topics

    Content and format can be customized for Executives, Managers, HR/OD Professionals, or Employees

    Positive Management & Leadership

    • Positive Organizational Psychology for Leaders,  Managers, or HR Professionals
    • Build a Great Company Culture
    • Understanding Workplace Culture
    • Positive Management Practices
    • Positive Interpersonal Communication
    • Coaching Skills for Managers
    • Strengths-Based Organizations
    • Vision-Driven Organizations
    • Learning Organizations
    • Ethical Leadership
    • The Science of Motivation
    • Improve Well-being and Productivity at Work
    • How to Optimize Mental Performance
    • How to Unleash Creativity
    • How to Boost Self-Confidence

    Solving People Challenges at Work

    • Preventing and Resolving Workplace Conflict
    • Preventing Workplace Stress
    • Reducing Absenteeism, Disengagement, and Turnover
    • Engaging and Managing Millenials
    • Retaining your Talents
    • Engaging and Managing Creative People
    • Using Nonviolent Communication 

    Unleashing Employee


    • Introduction to Positive Psychology
    • Mindfulness
    • Learning Optimism
    • Developing a Growth Mindset
    • Positive Interpersonal Communication
    • Using Your Strengths
    • Finding Purpose & Meaning at Work
    • Managing Stress
    • Flourish at Work
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