• Build an Empowering Company Culture

    That Fuels Employee Performance

    Using the Science of Positive Organizational Psychology

  • We Help Our Clients Solve People Challenges

    Employee issues such as disengagement, high turnover, stress, absenteeism, conflict, and low performance can negatively impact companies' ability to deliver the best to their customers

    Only 29% of employees are engaged

    at work in the Philippines

    Source: Gallup. The State of the Global Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for Business Leaders (2013)

    Engagement increases by 91% in workplaces that promote human flourishing

    Source: Harvard Business Review & The Energy Project. What is your quality of life at work? (2014)

  • How We Help

    We Help Leaders, Managers, and Employees Use the Science of Positive Organizational Psychology to Unleash Outstanding Employee Performance

    Positive Organizational Psychology

    What brings out the best in people at work? Over the last decade, scientists and researchers in the field of Positive Organizational Psychology have been trying to answer this question. This has led to groundbreaking discoveries about the conditions needed to help people reach their full potential and achieve high levels of performance.

    Our Expertise

    We are the only consulting and training company in the Philippines drawing from deep expertise in this relatively new field to help bring out the best in companies and employees. Over the last ten years, we have developed our own unique science-based frameworks, trainings, and a holistic consulting approach designed to transform company cultures to fuel higher levels of employee performance.

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